virtual meetings & events are here to stay

your audience deserves an authentic front row experience...

Lorandus will take YOUR digital meeting & event experience to NEW heights….

How we do it

The lorandus secret sauce is baked into our S.M.A.R.T.E. recipe to revive the appetite for an engaged meeting experience.


Begins with the SIZZLE of a thoughtfully curated communication blueprint. Your audiences engagement journey starts long before your virtual meeting.

Sit back and watch the senses awaken.

Measurement around meeting outcomes is important. Understanding your audiences expectations and their emotional take away from the meeting is critical.

If you cannot MEASURE it, you cannot improve it.

Leadership AUTHENTICITY is the key to connecting.

Watch the engagement with your audience and your message land with impact.

Let’s not only be real but be RELEVANT too. 

The Lorandus project team will help presenters and key stakeholders focus to stay on time, on message, and on strategy. Being relevant helps your audience stay tuned in, and not tuned out!

There is lot of noise clutter around technical capabilities and virtual platforms. Sometimes it can feel like buying a guitar without knowing how to play.

Lorandus will make it easy for both you and your audience members, using the best in class platforms and TECHNOLOGY  to ensure a sustainable and stable broadcast.

We want you to have a lasting connection with your audience.

Emotional ENGAGEMENT will foster a meaningful and authentic connection with your audience.

We have a few tactics in our engagement toolbox, that we would be delighted to share.

Lorandus will help you curate a virtual meeting experience that will authentically connect your audience. We’re talking about engaging your stakeholders and aligning them with your message and culture, even when you can’t be together in person. If your team is experiencing the dreaded “Zoom fatigue” that plagues even the best of us, then look no further than this one stop shop. Bring your key messages to new levels of collaboration through a custom and diverse platform that allows you to communicate with your community in a way that feels authentic to your brand.

Looking for an Engaging Virtual Event?

Together we can achieve an engaging virtual experience, whether it is a conference, group meeting, incentive program – we’ve got you covered!