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Lisa Weidinger

One of my favourite things about the holidays is that each and every one of us celebrates them in our own way. In previous years, there’s been some hot debate at the Lorandus office as to when it’s appropriate to start the Christmas music. We have some die-hard team members that will insist November 1st is an appropriate start, while other’s would prefer mid December… or never depending who you ask.

While the celebrations we enjoy all have their own twist, so do our decorating styles. We asked team Lorandus to each submit a favourite ornament and a little insight in to why!?



  Each year my family travels to the magical World of Disney. Walt Disney World has always been a place where we gather as a family to enjoy thrill rides, character experiences and eat lots of sugary snacks. Christmas is a magical time of year at the Disney theme parks. From the amazing decorations at each of the parks, magical parades, to the beautifully themed holiday trees in the resort lobbies. Each visit we pick our favorite Christmas tree ornament to add to our own personal Disney themed tree. This ornament in particular reminds me of all the fun and laughter the Disney Parks brings to our family and just so happens to be one of my favorite rides!



The first year my husband and I lived together, we went out and bought our first Christmas tree together and chose three ornaments to purchase for the tree. We each selected our own and then decided we should choose one together. The one we picked together was this pizza slice! It makes me laugh every year when we hang it on the tree, still to this day one of our favourite things to do together is eat pizza – one of our joint loves in life!






My favourite Christmas Ornament is not the prettiest, or the most creative. But it certainly holds the most memories for me.

Not long after my parents had separated, my mom, sister and I were celebrating one of our first Christmases, just the three of us. It had been a difficult couple of years, and we had very little. But Mom had done her best to make it a memorable Christmas.

We made our tree look bright and beautiful. But something was missing. “We can’t have a tree without a star Mom!”, I exclaimed. To which she said, “Not this year my Girlie, but maybe next Christmas.”

As that answer was unacceptable to me, I ran to my room, with a piece of white cardboard, scissors, glue and some tinsel.

The result still sits atop my Mom’s tree to this day. Over 35 years later, this little star represents a time of courage and new beginnings. And I will always look upon it with love and hope.



This ornament is one of my favourites because it reminds me of the many winters I spent skiing as a child with my family. Every weekend was spent on the hills, enjoying the fresh air and warming up with a hot chocolate when we were done. Winter can seem like such a dreary time, but finding an outdoor activity to enjoy, definitely makes it more enjoyable.





My life-long passion has always been flying. Nothing more exciting to me, than boarding an aircraft. It has been said, that I enjoy the journey even more than the destination. I love to hang these ornaments on our family Christmas tree to represent my love for aircrafts, flying and travel.



My wife and I have instilled our love of travel in our children as well, so they enjoy the significance of these Christmas tree baubles. This year, these Christmas ornaments seem even more important to me than ever, they signify ‘hope’. Flying and travel again is ‘hope’-fully in our not-too distant future!



“Shuttlecraft to Enterprise. Shuttlecraft to Enterprise…Spock here. Happy Holidays and live long and prosper.”

This quote from the great Leonard Nimoy bellows out from our family Christmas tree every holiday to signify the start of the season.

Like me, my Father is a big Star Trek and Star Wars fan. Since I was about nine years old, my Dad has collected these sci-fi tree ornaments and has acquired more than twenty-five to date. None of them will ever compare to this original series Star Trek shuttlecraft because of how the sound of Mr. Nimoy, simply puts me in the holiday spirit. The quote brings fond memories of Christmas past and feels like Christmas to me. Every year, my father plays the sound from this ornament and I know that Christmas has begun!


Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season from everyone at Lorandus!


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